Ability 2 Elevate is not only an expression of our goals, it is a declaration of our passion.  We strive to elevate our patients and community by providing a great resource for patients, family members, close friends, occupational therapists, doctors, etc.
As President and Operator of this company, I feel it is our responsibility and duty to educate each and every person that we come in contact with concerning the various options that are available for safe patient handling, home accessibility, aging in place, and mobility.  There is great strength in knowledge, and it should be shared.  Without this service many people would suffer far more than they should.  There are many options and we are here to inform.
We are specialists in literally elevating people with mobility devises.   We are educated and experienced in product knowledge, installation and troubleshooting.  We use only the highest rated lifts, ramps and other materials which assist us in allowing the freedom everyone deserves and has a right too.  The end result is an excellent product, plus the education needed to operate, allowing everyone the ability to be mobile inside and outside their home.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and our community by providing the best possible service while conducting ourselves with honor and integrity.
Justin L. Waddell
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